LDN Vegans Taste Test: Moo Free Mini Moo Chocolates

We’ve had our eyes on Moo Free chocolates for a while now. Widely known within the vegan community as one of the finest brands producing dairy-free, gluten-free and organic chocolate, we were really happy when this world leading manufacture sent us a box of goodies to review.

What sets Moo Free apart from so many other vegan chocolate companies is that they don’t just produce dark chocolate confectionery, they use rice milk to achieve bars that taste like dairy milk chocolate. 

We were sent the following chocolate bars:

Mini Moos
Flavours: Original Organic // Bunnycomb // Cheeky Orange // Minty Moo.

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Moo Free also sent us the larger chocolate bars, which we will be reviewing in a future video, so make sure you subscribe to our channel to stay updated. Don’t forget to click the notification bell!

Have you tried Moo Free chocolates? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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