Eating Out: Mooshies on Brick Lane, London

If you love vegan burgers like we do, then you seriously need to check out Mooshies on London’s Brick Lane. Assuming you haven’t already, of course!

Phil first went to this friendly burger bar back in the summer, and was so impressed he wanted to take Polly there. But this time round LDN Vegans also invited their good friend Joel Ryder to join them for dinner. 

You can check out our YouTube video at the bottom of this page to find out what we got up to, but first we want to whet your appetite by telling you what we had to eat.

All burgers are homemade, and served in a multigrain seeded brioche vegan bun.

The Nutcracker vegan burger at Mooshies, Brick Lane

‘The Nutcracker’
Lentils and mushrooms
Sage and onion
Crispy onions
Peanut butter + cranberry vegan mayo

Fillet Om Phish
The Fillet Om Phish vegan burger at Mooshies, Brick Lane

Battered aubergine
Mooshies Tartar sauce
Nori seaweed
Vegan cheese

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