Freaks Of Nature Vegan Pudding Taste Test

Much can be said for the massive selection of delicious vegan savoury food available today, but decent plant-based desserts have only recently started to take off in a big way.

Step forward Freaks Of Nature, who have magnificently crafted one of the best non-dairy puddings you will get your hands on. 

We recently sat down to get our taste buds around the Zingy Thingy and Cocoa Loco versions of their popular sweet products, and we liked what we tasted!

You can find Freaks Of Nature puddings in the chilled sections at Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Planet Organic and many independent stores. 

There really isn’t much of a downside to our review overall. Although the Zingy Thingy pudding is a generous size, the raspberry coulis isn’t quite as tart as Polly had hoped, and the zesty lemon posset is a little gelatinous in texture for Phil’s liking (although obviously it is completely vegan).

But where there are tiny quibbles with the citrus pud, there are massive rewards with the chocolate one. We’re tempted to use an expletive, but we won’t. What we will say is you should DEFINITELY investigate!

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